Water Island Search and Rescue will be participating in the March 17th Tsunami drill.
You can help and participate in a few ways:

At approximately 10:15 AM Thursday March 17th VITEMA will be testing the Tsunami warning sirens located on St Thomas, St John and St Croix. The ones that Water Islanders will most likely hear are on St Thomas at the Cyril E King Airport, Crown Bay and Addelita Cancryn School. Try to be outside at that time and make note of whether you heard the siren, whether you heard the verbal message and whether the message was understandable. Report your findings to WISAR Vice President Rachael Ackley 340-514-1483 rachackley@gmail.com

At 10AM WISAR members will gather at the Tsunami Zone 3 safe meeting place on Water Island (near the tower house) to discuss our evacuation plans. You can join us to ask questions and get more information on what you should do to prepare for a possible Tsunami.

Educate yourself on what the elevation of your home and work places are and wether you are in a safe zone or wether you may have to evacuate should a Tsunami be imminent. Know the route you will take to get to the nearest safe zone. Print out WISAR’s evacuation plan (available from Rachael) and post it somewhere in your home and work place. Write the elevation of your home/work place on the map. Google earth is a great way to look up your elevation. If you are 82ft or 25M above sea level then you should be safe to stay there.

Download the WISAR Tsunami Evacuation Plan HERE.